Prisoners Perform MJs This Is It

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User Comments
anndy (8 years ago)
ppl this is what happen wn you get lock up with to many guys lol
justinsutton (8 years ago)
One question, who's the one white dude? I mean, what did he do-they could use him on So you think you can dance? Shouldn't we be trying to break him out?
MarieDarie (8 years ago)
excellent, at least they can put their energies to good use
yourekiddingme (8 years ago)
Those would be all of the bitches for the other guys. That's just my guess.
mcmartin27 (8 years ago)
Probably the same prison that did Thriller too.
cucuduth (8 years ago)
wow that was kind of cool cause there in prison and that is rare to see a prison dance
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