USS Montana

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jahnon (10 years ago)
I love this video, but you'd better start packing, I've sailed behind a US Warship and seen what they can('t) do.
Among them was calling a small platform, fishing vessel - not checking the chart, not taking a look outside. I was three miles aft of them and could see it was a platform without binoculars. Why? - because they hadn't compensated for the current in the area and they were to lazy to keep a proper lookout.
Next thing they did was turning hard starboard passing less than a mile ahead of me(, which is rather close when your vessel is 0,15miles long and need a minimum of 0,5 miles for turning) and exit to the east of the Traffic Separation Scheme that vessels are advised to follow.
When asked why they tried to lie to me saying they had hailed me on channel 16. Unfortunately for them me and my lookout had been listening to them all evening (americans do make a lot of fuzz) on 2 separate radios (1 at the con and 1 on the wing). - Their excuse: "We have our orders."
The reason why I bothered to ask them, wasn't the lack of seamanship they showed with their maneouvre, but because I knew from the chart what lay ahead on them and rightly enough. As my vessel was making a little more headway than theirs, they were now on my starboard (eastsoutheastern) side trapped outside the TSS and heading directly for a buoy and a platform. Passing inside the safety sector of platform and on the wrong side of a cardinal buouy, was too much even for the americans and they called me, whereupon they where requested to reduce speed and go astern of me.
As if this wasn't bad enough, it turned out that they were going straight North in the junction we now had reached.
That's one of many frustrating US navy episodes. The only worse sailors I know of is european fishermen.
chokemychocobo (10 years ago)
hahahahahahhahahahahahaha. omg..... thank you for this
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