Students I Got A Feeling Video ReDo In Mall

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User Comments
Pipeline (8 years ago)
Similar to another one somewhere on here. It's a student graduating body where doing a lip-sync thing like this is required for graduation.
MajesticMeteor (8 years ago)
The chicks weren't barefoot... lame.
yourekiddingme (9 years ago)
Not quite "unrehearsed" either.
franrose (9 years ago)
Love it! I absolutely love it! ;) Awesome job on the vid!
tl1662897 (9 years ago)
10!!! INCRÍVEL!!!
mcmartin27 (9 years ago)
Doesn't look like a mall to be, more like a college student common area. Well done though!
ratmanjr (9 years ago)
absolutely amazing !!!!!!

bobtop (9 years ago)
so great
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