GROSS 700 Pound Kid Dances To Fergie

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yamen101 (7 years ago)
stupid boy
pnrpr (8 years ago)

remix background: Kenan Dogulu - Cakkidi
Taylor535 (8 years ago)
Wow thats sad
WasItSomethingISaid (8 years ago)
and to make matters even worse....he's a FAGGOT!
DLW90125 (8 years ago)
WasItSomethingISaid (8 years ago)
macata (8 years ago)
-... ?
ratmanjr (8 years ago)
that boy almost passed out in the filming of this whatever you want to call it
good thing he was professional and only had to take it once...
MarieDarie (8 years ago)
mindstartara85 (8 years ago)
owchieeee damn my eyes are bleeding wow I bet he has his own gravitational pull/ orbit
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