Croc Chomp

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computerman1989 (10 years ago)
hey ringmaster shut the fuck up you retard. anyway i wish he died .
jirstan2 (10 years ago)
NS, ringmaster, lol. hahaha.... MCL.
ringmaster316ms (12 years ago)
god, i remember watching this on TV. then they go into some dumba$$ explanation about how a drop of the guy's sweat hit the croc's tongue and that set him off. if i remember right it took some 8 guys to pull its jaws apart. i dont know a thing about a croc's biology, but if that guy had taken a big freakin knife out of his pocket and sliced the crocodile's throat wide open, would it have been that hard to pull it apart himself?
Lady_Hawk (12 years ago)
cao152 (13 years ago)
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