Singing Dork

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MajesticMeteor (8 years ago)
I think it's a deal where he's just a hair shy from Downs Syndrome. But, then so was Bush II.
summer_splash5790 (12 years ago)
d00d, you have no f*ckin life. lmfao. i love it! :o
king_kripple (12 years ago)
First thought: "Dear GOD, he's wearing a Huskies shirt: Seattle!" ** Hides in shame ** I used to be a legend in my own mind, too...then I moved out and got a job.
Archangel (13 years ago)
When... I repeat, WHEN?! are people gonna learn that lip-syncing a funny song does not make you funny. Just like sleeping with my math book under my head didn't make me learn algebra either. Geez!
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