Typical Guys Farting

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divesh (10 years ago)
brandonj (14 years ago)
This is hilarious!!! I've been around guys like this before and can appreciate the humor! Most guys think when they fart it's cool and awesome and funny, yet when others fart around them, they act like it's disgusting and gross! I love the fart techniques these guys use and the sounds are hilarious! I wonder if these guys were really farting or used sound clips! Whoever filmed this video has great talent and use of visual and audio humor! I know when I have to fart I like being around guys who do the same because then you don't feel embarra$$ed to let one out! Instead, it's like a cool bonding thing between guys. I do feel sorry for the third guy who joined the group last! If only he knew what the other two were up to before he sat on the bench! They were busting a$$ big time!
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