Levitating A Card

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Rataru (6 years ago)
Yea, dumb trick. Easy with a little fishing line and a place to hang it from. He needs to let the string dangle over the card though when hes holding it so he can actually wave his whole arm over the top of the card to make it look better.
LoneWolf (8 years ago)
I understand your English Crokiss. Thank you. (What I cannot understand is most pages on MySpace written by individuals who were raised in American schools.....I guess you need to be "famous" to understand them....and not be a hater)
Crokiss (8 years ago)
Easily trick... but I can't explain coz i'm spanish... and I don't know so much English to explain the trick. With thread and a little support we can make that the card "levitate" coz we hold the thread with our teeth, and the simple movement only is make an effect to the card. Sorry if someone can't understand my explanation.
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