Californias Answer To Miss South Carolina

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User Comments
MajesticMeteor (8 years ago)
I thought maybe they allowed her 5 min, in which case I'm certain someone would've opened on her with a AK-47. I would gladly do her though. But trouble with manic/mental chicks like this, is that they can't get their head together enough to orgasm. They just lay there and ask you to "do it," and they talk about saving the wales while you are fucking them.
roguephantom (9 years ago)
Blame the effect of gravity coz any brain matter that she had has kinda gone to her chest!
whiskerbiscuit (9 years ago)
Frighting ignorance.
bob6666 (9 years ago)
Are these allowed to vote? And even breed? And come to think of it, they should not be allowed to draw breath, they are a waste of oxygen.
musicianofsorts83 (9 years ago)
wow.... what else can i say about this?
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