Muscleman Benedikt Magnusso Dead LIfts 1100 LBS

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User Comments
whiskerbiscuit (9 years ago)
Deanne mind your f**ing bussiness no one asked you for any input on the matter. No open wide for my hot liquid protein shake.
Deanne (9 years ago)
Classy comment whiskerbiscuit. If you would have taken the time to google this guy, instead of tossing out stuff like this, you would have found that this record is pretty easy to confirm. In fact, I saw this on TV a while back.
whiskerbiscuit (9 years ago)
Gibblyop5 your comment is a fake you are a fake your IQ is fake. But that dick in your mouth is very real.
Sekou (9 years ago)
Gibbly's comment sounds alot like me :D but i beleive it
gibblyop5 (9 years ago)
thats not "fake fake fake" your just jealous that your a couch potato who sits around and does nothing all day...idiot
whiskerbiscuit (9 years ago)
fake fake fake there filled with some lighter than air gas fake.
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