Awesome One Dude Band

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bigsteaks (8 years ago)
whiskerbiscuit the audio is out he makes the actions he should make but the audio is infront of the video so at the 45 second mark when he stops the drums do not because they had already stopd 5 seconds previously.
whiskerbiscuit (9 years ago)
mcmartin27: Please there is not a shift but a total different track of drums notice how at one point he stops playing the drums at the 45 second mark, did you hear the that in the music
mcmartin27 (9 years ago)
Could be copied so much that the sound layer has been corrupted and or shifted from the original. If've you edited some video (And I'm not talking about Win Movie Maker) then you can understand how audio can shift.
whiskerbiscuit (9 years ago)
Fake I say because the drums being played do not match what I hear. Plus you hear the guy hitting the drum sticks together at the beging and the video doesn't show that at all. The guitar I hear dosen't change when he moves up and down the neck. Fake or very poor editing of the video.
astig (9 years ago)
yeah, rabbit's got a point. i'm a musician myself and i can also play those instruments used by matt reid. i also did something like that before but i only used tape recorders so the sound quality was very poor. bottom line is the act can be done and he's a pro. capeesh?
rabbit50501 (9 years ago)
whisker how can you tell its fake its almost 2010 jeeze some ppl figure new stuff out all you need is a computer and the right equipment
whiskerbiscuit (9 years ago)
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