Mario 3 Beat in 11 minutes!!

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User Comments
NewNetMedia (7 years ago)
Its fake ?
invatorme (12 years ago)
the is a fake, they even admit it. THey had a thing that saved every 1/30th of a second, so everytime ther was a mess up it jsut went back. It took 2 years for this to be made. Japs have to much time on their hands:-)if you dont believe me fin but tis a fake [b]trust me[/b]
melz (12 years ago)
funky dude (13 years ago)
OMG i cant even get to level 3 as we say i Denmark: sådan der B)
saughtvol (13 years ago)
shin gouki (13 years ago)
amazing!!!!! but if it was done by a jap that don't surprise me 'cause they're games addict;)
Nightshade (14 years ago)
it's not fake he used every glitch and loophole in the game i know cause i use em too i though he tought me some new ones in some levels i know what he did is definitely possible still i'm amazed that he not only finished in 11 minutes he didn't die once but the fact he gathered 99 lives in the last world way to go this guy's coolB)
king_nut (14 years ago)
i heard this video is fake. it looks real to me but idk. can ne1 give some info on this?
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