Super Cool Electric Bike

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Fulltimer (9 years ago)
Actually, I have built an electric car.
Here's an estimated weight for a DIY EV bike:
1. Weight of motor kit: 12lbs.
2. Weight of battery: 10-30lbs depending on type (ni-mh, Li-Ion, or SLA)
3. Misc gear - 2lbs
4. Bicycle - say 30 lbs
Total Weight - about 60 lbs or so - not too good for daily lifting up steps into your house or apartment...unless you want to lift weights more than cycle.
Funkster (9 years ago)
Build one yourself....then you could make it the weight you wanted.
Fulltimer (9 years ago)
Look a little closer at the frame, wheels, and other parts. This is a heavy bicycle with a motor. The weight isn't listed on the website, but it is probably more than you want to lift or pedal very far, or up many hills of any grade.
funkyou (9 years ago)
Prices will come down...
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