Boy 13 Becomes A Father

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justin0395 (9 years ago)
they probably didnt use a condom cuz they prob thought that he couldnt make a baby cuz usually kids that young cant make babys cuz they dont produce semen with u produce after going through puberty and semen and sperm are not the same thing. the girl doesnt just get pregnant from sperm the semen is when the sperm is in a protective coating and all kids can produce is the coating and not the sperm so i guess he just went through puberty a bit early there
TioShadow (9 years ago)
As Maury would say:
You Are Not the Father!!!
Seems like she was giving it up on a regular basis
Her parents are the ones that should be charged and locked up
yourekiddingme (9 years ago)
That's not a real boy.
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