Robo Man Crushed

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dhammell (9 years ago)
2craC (9 years ago)
Found it already: His name is Troy Hurtubise. This one was his first suit to protect against grizzly bears. His newer suits became better and better by the time.
One link where you can still see the old suit is here:
2craC (9 years ago)
@ benzino: can you add a little more details like name of the man or where I can find some more info about it? Thx
benzino (9 years ago)
not a hoax at all and not a robot suit, this guy spent over 10 years and over $100 000 designing an "indestructible" suit he's been shot with arrows, guns, hit with bats, been thrown down hills, hit with cars, attacked by bears, set on fire, all to test this suit, NOT FAKE
funkyou (9 years ago)
That was smart
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