Chick Cracks Her Bones

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User Comments
Ticklemeemo78 (9 years ago)
That sucked.
anndy (9 years ago)
funny that look real,,,,,,?
funkyou (9 years ago)
Yeah I agree with the perv!
mcmartin27 (9 years ago)
Kristine, I apologize in advance for what you may or may not read below. With that said, sweetheart, and I say that because you seem to be oh so very sweet by your expressions and your humor with this video; however I would be honored to have just one night with you! I promise you would leave in the morning, with every bone in your body cracked, and every muscle relaxed and tired! Like I said I apologize for the comment. Kinda hard to fit that in one paragraph. Cheers! 8)
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