HD Image Of UFO On CNN During Obama Inauguration

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User Comments
vida (7 years ago)
cbsmnwi (9 years ago)
Yeah definitely a bird or something guy, it flies in front of the building in the background doofus. If it was a ufo that flew that close to the camera dont u think it might have been just a little bit bigger. Yeah maybe next time.
beerforbreakfast (9 years ago)
If aliens are insects then you got one...woohoooo for you haha
begnato (9 years ago)
It looks like a Flying-rod. Just do an Internet search for 'Flying Rod' and you'll find enough hits to keep you reading for days.
funkyou (9 years ago)
It's a bird. It's a plane. It's a conspiracy!
yourekiddingme (9 years ago)
Wow. A U.F.O. that flaps it wings and flies about 20 feet in front of the camera. "They" truly have arrived.
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