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User Comments
mrcrab (9 years ago)
You people are screwed in the head to think something up like this.
darion88 (10 years ago)
this was hilarious
but this made me think cause it's 3 of us nd times are hard nd im the youngest
funkyou (10 years ago)
Not really funny. Kinda sad.
lunastara84 (10 years ago)
I would of Fired the Fat one first! Save you A LOT! :p
TheRudedog (10 years ago)
I need to fire one of mine, but I'll fire the oldest! Every parent wishes, at least once, that they could do this. Sad part is there are some who do. Just this week a baby was found in a box outside someone's house.
dreamer2008 (10 years ago)
this video made me sad
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