Freaky Chick Has Freaky Talent

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User Comments
yamen101 (7 years ago)
very discusting lady and soo sick also
PECKERWOODY (8 years ago)
Metal face I bet your good at sucking dick but I bit you lick pussy
mrcrab (9 years ago)

Go take it in the a.s.s. from your daddy like you've been doing all these years and shut the f.u.c.k. up..
emis815 (9 years ago)
grow up mrcrab, there are different people outside besides your fat ass...
mrcrab (9 years ago)
Her parents must be really proud of having a retarded freak for a daughter.
LoneWolf (9 years ago)
After the hundreds, or thousands, of dollars spent on the body modifications......I bet it is Bush's fault if she has no money. I think the same would go for "rims" and other essential purchases that now require a "redistribution of wealth".
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