Horse Branding

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User Comments
Jidiot (9 years ago)
Justin, I wouldn't be correcting someone if you can't spell 'dumb' right...
computerman1989 (10 years ago)
it doesn't matter how legal it is it's still cruel and he still going to hell for it. so shut the fuck up before i come down there brand your mother as my little bich. she'll be computerman's hoe.
justin0395 (11 years ago)
thefrownclown stfu dum asshole one letter spelled wrong dosent matter faggot ass bitch
TheFrownClown (11 years ago)
What's cruel is that Lady Hawk didn't pay attention in English class. It's "deserved". With an "E". :|
criztian (12 years ago)
you tell em markis :D
Markis (12 years ago)
no he didnt, its called branding its ben done since the midievil times its not cuelty its perfectly legal to brand.
Lady_Hawk (12 years ago)
That is so cruel! The guy diserved it and I hope he got it good.
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