Tree Huggers Cry Over Dead Tree

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User Comments
winningd4 (10 years ago)
while they were crying the death of that tree they could be planting like... 1000 trees. Are they walking on forest to cry? LOL what the well... if they want to cry they can go to the hospital, or to some cemetery... and cry on others funerals. and...ok... they can take LSD if they need that so much
winningd4 (10 years ago)
This is purely the effect of some infected forest mushrooms, and... ok... lots of LSD.
wrong (10 years ago)
unless you live in a village in the middle of africa and only wear the cloths that you make and eat the food that you catch.. then you support the destruction and the rape and pillage of the earth so crying out like an idoiot just proves that you are a hypocrit....look into how your clothes were made and what the land looked like before your house was ppl make me sick
sdhughes36 (10 years ago)
Do you know why there are no Texas chapters of this group.
Because we execute the mentally retarted.hahaha I bet everyone of these homos have electricity in there house.If I ever see you ho's Im going to shit in your starbucks and stick a can of oil up your ass.Fuck the earth! Long live pollution
sdhughes36 (10 years ago)
You f!@#$%g pansies. I am going to lmao when a hurricane blows a tree on your ass and kills you. For fun I cut a hole in a tree and pee in it.Some times I make sweet sweet love to it too. If I ever see you queers in the forest Im going to beat you to death with a f!@#$%g log.
computerman1989 (10 years ago)
how do they know someone cut it down, maybe it just fell.
i didn't cry and i didn't scream but i need to aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
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