Grandmas New Love Toy

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User Comments
8GoodTimes8 (9 years ago)
Hey!!! Old women need lovin' too. I say good for her for being such an awesome grandma. Very understanding! If I have children and then get to have grandchildren I hope they feel close enough to me to where it is ok for them to give me a dildo for my 80th birthday!!!! I would consider that trust!
janaluvsdaisies (10 years ago)
i would never disrespect my grandmother.
jessiemc (10 years ago)
that was cute,happy birthday grandma,
earthwindnfire (10 years ago)
She is adorable!!! Loved her! She looks great! Great gift for a great lady! She deserves the entire world and more. Happy Birthday! I hope you had lots of fun!!
sid67 (10 years ago)
aw comeone..i thought this place was about the funk without the junk..this is rude and gross.
mcmartin27 (10 years ago)
Least she's a good sport!
ratmanjr (10 years ago)
matriarch of the chicken ranch...
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