Queery Eye for Military Guy

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User Comments
Excho (10 years ago)
The girl is hot lol.
jmeyer2485 (11 years ago)
Eric Prydz-call on me is the song :D
joeslow06 (12 years ago)
what is the name of this song??
Platinum2021 (12 years ago)
All of them are gay.
ritchiedotson (12 years ago)
MMM some of 'em are HOT.:p
auntrachel (12 years ago)
please tell me these guys r not guy cuz some some of them r hot:D
rossman302 (12 years ago)
dragonlady2703 (13 years ago)
lmao*... as a female i have to say, i enjoy the original and this video best without sound, that remix sucks, but the clips are yummyyyyyyyy..... lol*:D
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