Hunter Shoots 2 Deer With 1 Shot

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User Comments
dhammell (9 years ago)
When the ACME is just down the street why do hunters have to kill poor little Bamby? Sniff....
computerman1989 (9 years ago)
i'm gonna be a hunter hunter. that means hunting hunters. get it. hunt people who hunt. i'll follow a hunter and when i see them shoot a deer i'll shoot the hunter who shot it. you kill deer i kill you.
doomedagn (9 years ago)
Deer Hunters are worse that Child molesters almost
coldremedy (9 years ago)
You gotta get a clean shot or they'll suffer.
fubu (9 years ago)
yes i heat hunters who kill for sport
sid67 (9 years ago)
hmmmm fav....

if real(i doubt it) a 2fer is incredible.

BigRight (9 years ago)
man i hate hunters who kill for sport
Davidwayne2000 (9 years ago)
Crazy man! leave alone deer!
boro619 (9 years ago)
whats up with them flapping around after they got shot?
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