US B2 Stealth Bomber Crash

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User Comments
shadd27 (10 years ago)
sid67 your a fuckin dumbass horshit goof
sid67 (10 years ago)
being a person whom worked on the B2, im not suprised that it finally crashed...

LoneWolf (10 years ago)
It is even sadder when people go to these other countries to adopt children when there are so many orphans in our own country. I make no apologies for being a realist.......we already send tons of food and money over there and very little of it reaches the people who need it. I see no benefit to sending another 2 billion since I know it will only end up in the bellies of the warlords and corrupt governments keeping them in power. Since God was brought into this, why is there no massive crying out to Him by the those with compassion? If all the people compassionate about the children were to fast and pray, he would probably provide Mana for them.........never happen though, because it is easier to send 52 cents a day. (about the price of a small cup of coffee) The Old Testament is full of famines. Kids have died for years due to famines. If we did not have famines, people would never depend on though, these famines have the people depending on the USA instead of Him.
Deanne (10 years ago)
It\'s a sad commentary on society when we try to justify our lack of compas sion for suffering children because we don\'t like the actions of those who hold absolute power and control over their destiny. God Bless those who find it in their hearts to look beyond politics, race, the Hitlers of the world, abusive parents etc. to help all of God\'s children who need our help!
LoneWolf (10 years ago)
I do not even have 1 ounce of concern for African kids dying from starvation.

Maybe if their governments stopped killing the people and actually allowed the donations to be distributed, they would not be starving.

More troubling is you not realizing that the USA sends MILLIONS of dollars over there.....WAY more than any other country......shameful that you would neglect to point out the generosity of the USA so you can push your political agenda.
mikikimi (10 years ago)
No.its nearly 2 Billion $, enough to feed all African kids who are dying from starvation [10 000 a day]
Feel sorry....yeah,for those kids but for US military plane.....
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