Fat Kid Slaps His Mom

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shervin3 (8 years ago)
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWw white people are such pussys.... are you kidding me??? if a middle eastern kid ever said anything negative towards the parent/s they would get the biggest beat down.
Judge (9 years ago)
I've a feeling it's not about how much she's feeding him, but what she's feeding him. Processed foods laced with MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate), aspartame. Both known exitotoxins and both highly prevalent in foods and drinks. They destroy the brain. www.naturalnews.com
Jidiot (9 years ago)
Well he asked her a question, then she was gonna answer but then, WHAM! He slaps her...
RachelRocks699 (9 years ago)
winningd4 (9 years ago)
first of all... wheres dad? then... common... this kid is smart, he control emotions well and he is "mirror-ing" the speach of his mom. i guess dad doesnt live with them and kid is using emotions to takeover control. he will go high on life if this mom put him on control.
Ticklemeemo78 (9 years ago)
DUDE! If I ever slapped my mom it would be curtains for me. What is up with all of these disobedient children these days? I could never do that.
ZytaStyles (9 years ago)
this is why we create boundaries people... which obviously the mother didn't follow since she can't even get the part of NOT overfeeding her child right.
SecretSinger26 (10 years ago)
what u lot just said bout tht kid, and i bet u cnt beat hin up the person underneath me. We all hate when are mum tells us to do something that we dont like "Go to bed" and u have to do it without no back chat, wheneva u do what ur mum tells u, ya feel like an idiot and a pussy
sid67 (10 years ago)
i'd a beat him with a 2x4....
sid67 (10 years ago)
i don't care if i would have gone to prison i'd have knocked him through the wall...
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