One Less Terrorist In The World

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dhammell (9 years ago)
Asqalan - how do you know he's fighting Israeli's?? He could easily be an Iraqi insurgent blindly shooting mortars into residential neighborhoods in Bahgdad...killing his own people. You call him a "brave man"? For what? Killing his own people??

Hopefully, he survived with disfiguring injuries with his nuts blown off so he can't reproduce.

BTW - your grammar sucks.
asqalan (9 years ago)
CaptainCannabis this is what you do... Just sending bad words..... be civilized, just a little.
CaptainCannabis (9 years ago)
take that you brown piece of shit
asqalan (9 years ago)
come on people , think fairly, why he is doing that, there must be a reason, these are fighting Israel, then who is the terrorist, I know , you know its Israel, The day of vanishing Israel is very closed and you will see it, I like those very brave men
kingjamieh (10 years ago)
that made me giggle.
ragequit (10 years ago)
ALLAH FUCWAD! Lmao nice vid! Love watching them die.
barleymalt (10 years ago)
If ALLAH provides a VIRGIN for all dying terrorist,does that make him a PIMP.Well you 'll never know,unless you ask??
nabeelbutt (10 years ago)
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