Awesome Kid On Britains Got Talent

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User Comments
kent (9 years ago)
his voice is a special gift from God........i could'nt stop watching it. i had to send it to all my friends......
SpaceyJay9359 (10 years ago)
Ok, I'm back. I've listened to this kid at least 10 times already and it still sends chills down my spine. The look on Simaon Cowells' face is absolutely priceless. I think he's finally met someone who can render him speechless. I hope this fella will continue with his singing. He's breathtaking!!
SpaceyJay9359 (10 years ago)
OMG!!! Get this kid a contract!! He's bleeding AMAZING!! You go, boy!!
imnotplaying (10 years ago)
sorry this kid has talent, :0)
imnotplaying (10 years ago)
i dont think this should be in funny video,s wrong category,
this kid has got talent.
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