Cool Building Demolition

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bbrand2010 (10 years ago)
See, bluedevil481, we see eye to eye, I cant wait till i get my hands on a fully automatic firearm, or get behind the wheel of a hummer over there, Im gonna kill some f***ing terrorists!
GO AMERICA, were number one, best of the best. Prince Charles once said, "You can measure a country's greatness by who wants out and who wants in." You know what I say to that? F**k Yea.
bluedevil481 (10 years ago)
yeah but did that building get hit by an fucking plane, i dont think so. i hope that we're still in the middle east when i graduate so that i can go over there and kill some of the towelheads that are responsible for this i hope when they all do die that they suffer an excrutiatingly slow and painful death for all the death and destruction that they caused this country.
bbrand2010 (10 years ago)
Im ignorant? How do you define ignorance then? Because I think it's ignorant to see somthing like this, compare it to 9/11, and see nothing in common, and, taking that in, not questioning what you've been told. I'm not suggesting we bombed PH, I'm not suggesting we bombed the WTC's (1,2&7), all I did was make a comparision, but thanks for jumping to conclusions, and making assumptions, bluedevil481.
bluedevil481 (10 years ago)
bbrand u are such an ignorant person, are u really that stupid to think that we attacked ourselves?? Did we bomb Pearl Harbor just so we could join WWII? because basically what you're saying is that we attacked ourselves and killed over 3000 of our people just so we could go to war, what a load of bullshit
bbrand2010 (10 years ago)
hmmmmm, remind anyone of somthing? (9/11)?
MDERhino (10 years ago)
Darn impressive!
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