Fat Kid Gets Hit

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User Comments
jt9988 (11 years ago)
fuckin pussy, acts all tough but he is the one screamin at little tiny paintballs that dont hurts
da_noodles (12 years ago)
lol that was funni he was cursin in a high pitched voice lil bytch
Alogia2004 (12 years ago)
he smiles coz he just realized he threatnd a guy wit a paintgun..lol
OMGPHX (12 years ago)
Haha, there shoting paintballs at him. LOL, they dont hurt pus
wesucktoe (12 years ago)
that so funny:|;):):p:D
Louie (13 years ago)
He keeps smiling, that ruins it :(
wce (13 years ago)
lol, I couldn't agree more!
Gravital_Bliss (13 years ago)
God, i hate fat kids. Fat kids that wear old navy and scream in high decimales just annoy the piss out of me.
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