Believe In Yourself

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User Comments
luchoperez (9 years ago)
muy bien he!!!!1
k4k (11 years ago)
he is fantastic hope he goes far
Killahertz (11 years ago)
I've seen this before, but just so awe inspiring, I had to watch it. TY for posting it.
ratmanjr (11 years ago)
next time do the hardest song a tenor has ever sang and do what you do with it and leave the whole audience in it!!!!!
starstomper (11 years ago)
Paul Potts won this competition - Britain's Got Talent.

andre505 (11 years ago)
not a great opera fan, but replayed 5 times...hope he made it!!!
dubmaster100 (11 years ago)
please remind me that if i need to look for a new job. Check out the retail section. Mobile phone sales person...
saigahman (11 years ago)
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