Cheetah Attack On Journalist Michelle Garforth

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User Comments
lindasalan37 (10 years ago)
stupid Biiiitch she deserved it hahahahahaha
Srandicka (11 years ago)
This woman must be totally stupid to do such things those animal are wild and she was playing with them like with domestic cats but that´s impossible so tit was just very good that she was bitten and I hope she´ll never do it again.
electras123 (11 years ago)
your a bit**!!!!!!! leave them alone and get the hel* away from there territory jeez u humans are fu**ed up!!!!!!! and like mrsdepp2008 said its yo prob your dumb for being right by them for peet sacks let the wild animalz be.... and if it were me i wouldnt have did that to your arm i would have did it to your face...get away from there territory...and thats on YOU
mrsdepp2008 (11 years ago)
All i have to say is sorry about the arm and all, but what the F***...leave the poor animals alone, i understand that she wasnt doing anything and thats fine, but the cheetah,as you can see was easily stopped by her holding his mouth, the smacks in the head were unreasonable!!! I hate to see that... you are in their territory...if they bite you , thats your problem.
ShastaDaisy (11 years ago)
Holy Sh*t
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