Proof That Boobs CAN Be TOO BIG

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yamen101 (7 years ago)
commoneagle (10 years ago)
wat is a woose sompin like a moose you got a screw loose wake up an ddon't start fights dickhead grow up and be some one who is playing not getting into calling people names like woose what ever a woose is now you got me thinking what an asshole and slashing back at your crap... this is for fun not for calling people fucking pissy names idiot.. you started it remember... i can take you to peices verbally and when i decide to worry about spelling watch out stand by to be humiliated.
commoneagle (10 years ago)
ahh a dumb ass don't get it scopuss dorkus enormus idiot
scorpius (10 years ago)
and the title say prove bobs to big,, come on are you a woose.....
commoneagle (11 years ago)
if brains were dangerous is the old saying that for this clip sake might go "no if ands or dispite nice butts lack of brain one is danger fersur" kind of long but wtf i just made it up off the cuff ..... what ever off the cuff means or came from I'm not sure... all in fun anyhowway
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