Most Spoiled Teenage Girl EVER

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jb007r1 (9 years ago)
Made me sick............
rainbowtears87 (10 years ago)
Wow. She thinks she gorgeous lmao. Is there something wrong with her phychologically? Those are the kind of people who deserve to go bankrupt and homeless lol. How ugly is that orange, chubby face she has got? Man, if I were her and was getting everything I wanted I'd do something with that face, man. Plastic surgery or something lmao.
flickbuff (10 years ago)
I'll spoil her rotten too....but she BETTER "service" me when i want it....LMAO....because that is obviously all she is good for, because she has zero values of anything.
skybum (10 years ago)
She will grow up to be as ugly as her mom. Both inside and outside!!!
telboy1999 (10 years ago)
This makes me want to puke. These parents are insane.
redzep (10 years ago)
in my life and im 31 i didnt see anithing like this.when hers parents die she will see...
dscjm (10 years ago)
What a little B
sabinabr123 (10 years ago)
i wanna be that girl!! but im not that sucks!
boro619 (11 years ago)
that girl is sexy i wznt to piss on her titties then milk them!
ratmanjr (11 years ago)
marry me!!!!
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