OMG My Dream Girl

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User Comments
redzep (10 years ago)
you must go to the doctor to do something with your face and body and then maybe...
emis815 (10 years ago)
Why she uses word "sexy" if she is not interested into sex. :/
Meh, if she was bit thiner she would get a guy.
terrahnoel (11 years ago)
im a chick dude
terrahnoel (11 years ago)
no not really
Bathurst1ooo (11 years ago)
be great to see here big tits
terrahnoel (11 years ago)
Bathurst1ooo (11 years ago)
show yr tits baby
CherishLeigh (11 years ago)
qwertyuiop (11 years ago)
Your not asking for much then...

where do you sign??
sid67 (11 years ago)
okay although wierd, it was kind of cute in a silly sort of way
for a high scooler.
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