Another Lindsay Lohan SETBACK

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User Comments
dhammell (9 years ago)
Can someone please tell me what exactly she's famous for?
flickbuff (10 years ago)
It's funny how people will say "that person needs help". Why do we care about some celebrity? They have more than enough money to put themselves through rehab, but they always come back out and mess it all up again. What about the hardworking mother of 3, who works 2 jobs, barely see's her kids...and has a drinking problem. Nobody says..."we should help her", instead it's more like "did you hear about (insert name here), she's drinking so much lately.....those kids aren't going to have much of a future". Everyone always seems SO concerned about the celebrities...but why not look right next door around your own neighborhood and fix things from there first...then start worrying about spoiled little Hollywood debutantes like Lindsay HOhan
ratmanjr (11 years ago)
when the bodies hit the floor....
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