Simmer Down Bob

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User Comments
bebito17 (9 years ago)
uhmmm stupid shit
gretab (10 years ago)
bob you are stupid... cant do things for yourself...want someone to give you things for nothing and you are mad because someone is getting something your not...hilter
NekkidRomeo (11 years ago)
Hello Bob,,I'm sure you/yours are living off the fruits of our land.Never met a white person that doesn't just 'take. I feel sorry for you ,Bob. Your anger is but a drip in the pool ,for 'us' Native Americans. So this is the sound of a whitey crying,lmfao!Bob,,we wish you 'Peace & Harmony! Personnally,I stand at cash corner to feed my family,days are tough here.We don't get angry,we adjust ,to plp like yourselves. We welcomed all Mexicans to our country,they are a beautiful race as well. Bob ,did your bANK DENY YOU? Try washing white plp's shit. It's sticky as ,,,. Contact me Bob,love to whitewash your situation.
gexea (11 years ago)
Ahhhhhmmm... No more COKE for you dude. oh, and only DECAF. And Forget the RED BULL.
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