Raging Murderer on the Elevator Prank

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User Comments
axtmann (8 years ago)
im so going to try and do that
ratmanjr (11 years ago)
watch out homie your drinking mikies kool aid
belgarion262 (11 years ago)
i reckon it would be cool if he was inside the elevator already and just stood there grinning insanely. as well as doing what he did! this is the best prank ever!

imagine if someone called the cops though... lol
hypnosisdoc (11 years ago)
Dumb ass, lucky nobody was an off duty cop, I would have shot him!
belgarion262 (11 years ago)
I want to do that!!!!!!
shawnthavirgo (11 years ago)
oh snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap
thisizny (11 years ago)
funny as hell!!!!
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