The Price Is Boobs

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User Comments
emis815 (10 years ago)
Rofl, slow motion made it worth watching. XD
Lanky75 (11 years ago)
So if you're a D-cup and you wear a shirt that says "Bob" on it somewhere you get picked. Simple.
Andy81 (11 years ago)
Nothing like a great pair to make a man wanna give away money. I'd pay them to go back up and come running again. Bob Barker likes to watch
ZiggyStardust (11 years ago)
Who sez men are Pigs??..Another clip of women showing us some of their "Magic Powers at Work"....Women have the upper hand...and they know it.
brunettiv (11 years ago)
By all crikey, some of those boobs were moving up and down , up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down up and ...crikey !!! I am getting so dizzy! Yeah up! it is totally juicy-funny!!!
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