Keystone Cops Caught on Video

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User Comments
anko8aug (8 years ago)
jesus they got away!
bigsteaks (8 years ago)
i dont even know how that happend i clicked "back" i guess ... wrong page wrong comment....
bigsteaks (8 years ago)
ITS FUCKING FAKE... and even if some dude did decide to ram a bone in his urethra then snap it and x-ray it, he did not I REPEAT DID NOT INSERT NUTS WHERE HIS "NUTS" SHOULD BE......
anndy (9 years ago)
so funny
Agentoxedo07 (10 years ago)
holy-terrorist:> shit, video using
Thomass (10 years ago)
CanĀ“t you here the dude in the microfone. Of course its staged
Probst66 (10 years ago)
Totally set up! Just look at both cruisers waiting for the guys to run in the car. Both cruisers are parked on the road facing the "get away" car.
noronious (10 years ago)
Apparently you don\'t watch much t.v. It\'s a commercial, just from a different angle!
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