Get Lost

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BRUNORKJ (7 years ago)
well idk but he better get out of there before they thro molotovs at him
anndy (8 years ago)
his not a cop he just a security guard.... ahh and lady chilll the F**** out ___ thats why parents cry or get piss wn they kid get ran over by a car on the street or kill
hsojjosh6 (10 years ago)
weak as piss!!!
jirstan2 (10 years ago)
ha ha ha Markis. These skaters are TAME. They had him outnumbered, surrounded, and were holding deadly weapons. Yup, that's what you get charged with if you hit someone in the head with your trucks! I doubt that guard stood a chance in hell if they, or he had really opened up on him.
Markis (12 years ago)
Just goes to show you don't mess with cops :) you may think your tough but truthfully your just a sad sorry weak little man if you try to take on a policeofficer, or security guards.
Zeekhelix666 (12 years ago)
Id have turned the tape in to the Cops and had his sorry *** arrested! makes me mad just waqtching that.
Angelusss (12 years ago)
some sex please
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