Spooky Fish Caught in Russia

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User Comments
PECKERWOODY (8 years ago)
Repent you sinners!
janwang (8 years ago)
The fish is laying upside down. I don't know which spices it is, but I sure it is an common fish, related to sharks
anks (8 years ago)
do not always brought up - big deal ... it is one, being owned Alloh
waskito (9 years ago)
My friend...pls listened, the sound is a dhua (prayer) which have inside of Al Quran ( the holy book of moslem )..u can prove that...

it was a daughter who dare to her mother ( who take care her since baby ) because of the bad attitude of her daughter to the mother, so her mother is feeling so sad and shalat (pray) to Allah (God), next the daughter becoming like that only for a few minutes and die...it was in palembang, indonesia.
seretonen (10 years ago)
first of all this was caught in maldives not russia and it aint no mermaid or alien it is called a guitar fish.
mstina666 (10 years ago)
thats creepy as hell...just make ya think. what else is there??
flickbuff (10 years ago)
what's with the music???????...that sure ain't russian.
ratmanjr (10 years ago)
tradersnation (11 years ago)
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