Floating Dutchman Levitates Outside White House

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User Comments
vida (7 years ago)
old trick!!!
guyface (9 years ago)
i figured it out. the rug is covering a wide metal plate that supports the stick, there is a seat that is covered by his pants. and he just holds the stick and sits there. not bad, but not magic.
bamfpete (10 years ago)
how did he do it?

411vm (11 years ago)
this is the fakest thing i have ever saw!=] get a life!=]
sid67 (11 years ago)
correct....this was debunked i think on the history channel....
LoneWolf (11 years ago)
The spiritual people in India do this same trickery.

The "cane" has a flat piece extending horizontally that he is sitting on.
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