Python Attacks National Geographics Brady Barr

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User Comments
vida (8 years ago)
ucd77 (9 years ago)
ok, fair enough, he got a bad bite but does he have to keep whining like a little girl? I'd rather get bitten by a python than an alsatian or a pitbull thats for sure.
vickys (10 years ago)
orang nekadz..

crazzzy man..
anonymousproxyserver (10 years ago)
That was stupid! I understand the fear of infection but if you check the website they call it a "brutal attack"...WTF was he doing ripping the poor thing from it's hiding place then? What the hell do you call that?!
muckr8er84 (10 years ago)
oh my god, that's sperrie. i hope he's okay.
bloodhungry (10 years ago)
holy shit scary
ShapedByFate (11 years ago)
oommmggg!!!! I was so scared for him! BUT it carnt just stop there...I wanna know How badly he was bitten and if he got the Snakes Head!! >:(
ivegot5onit (11 years ago)
its a python you idiot not a cobra...
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