Too Young To Know

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User Comments
avatar (7 years ago)
holy crap she listens to some sexy music and the dog gets mad when she takes the snake
gnl3ggg (10 years ago)
holy**** on a **** sandwich with ***** on top the dog s ***** that thing holy ***
f69 (11 years ago)
kids nowadays i dont know i blame the parents lol
Spicaliciouz (11 years ago)
am i the only one that sees somethin wrong wit this? how old is this lil girl n shes doin shit like this...
boro619 (11 years ago)
that dog is going for it!!
BadMoFo213 (11 years ago)
Ok, the dog must either be a pedophile, or the music has some sort of sexual, animalistic rhythm to it. But you gotta admire his staying power, I wish I still had his stanima! Man, those were the days!
mcmartin27 (11 years ago)
zwk71903 (11 years ago)
1 am twelve and she was hot
rocky618 (11 years ago)
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