Pacers Pistons Brawl

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queggy1974 (9 years ago)
First of all: Wallace overreacted. The Piston fans were as dirty and cheap as the Pistons were during the 80's and 90's. If i was Artest, i would have reacted the same way. Some fucking coward throws a cup of beer or something at me is enough reason to kick his ass. Wallace might have been the one who started the whole damn thing but the fans made everything worse.
bloccboii (10 years ago)
the fans started it......... i would have done the same thing if somebody threw a cup at me
grub840 (10 years ago)
pistons fans are all pussies
pluto1945 (10 years ago)
Ron Artest is a filthy scumbag! There should be no reason to attack fans! Nigger!
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