Drunk Chic Tasered

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User Comments
sonofsamus (10 years ago)
its a girl and they are men why use the teaser omfg ill kill the cops when ill see them for real
MasterSJW08 (10 years ago)
Now that was Hilarious!
beamerboy (10 years ago)
ShapedByFate (10 years ago)
That Is Pretty Discusting!!! How The Hell Could he Do that To Her!..She is Drunk and Scared Banged her Head and she Got tasered!! He Saw her Bang her HEAD but stall had to Taser her...and i didnt notice the bit he But his foot on her back till i looked again.damn right cruel and un-called for!!
pacrat12 (10 years ago)
He should have stood her in front of the camera so we could really watch, good for him I hope she pissed all over herself
bored0821 (10 years ago)
this is fucking ridic. the lady straight up hit her head on her tail lights! the fucking cop was way too harsh and theres was definitely no need for all that
hotliljay (10 years ago)
I think we shoukd get together and just start tasering the cops and see how they like it. fuck all you pig motherfuckers. U should all have you asses handed to you or something like that but you do nothing but harrass people and fuck with people . you are nothing but games and bull shit. fuck you all.
CrashLanding55 (10 years ago)
Brain cells are a terrible thing to waste.
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