Removing a Human Bot Fly

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User Comments
endingit4u (9 years ago)
duh tards you dont use duct tape use vasoline
flickbuff (9 years ago)
that's almost as nasty as the video of the people pulling a tape-worm out of a guys was like 4 feet long...BRUTAL
Igotyouboo27 (10 years ago)
Did this nasty monkey have tape over it, as if he wanted it to like grow and make babies??? Why don't people go to the hospital anymore.. this is some sick stuff.. He could have died !!
stan333 (10 years ago)
ewwww thats grosss as hell
toya (10 years ago)
that was so cool dam
jammiejem (10 years ago)
holly shit
signalmessiah (11 years ago)
And to think, in Africa they smush these into a paste and eat them.
DeliciousLady1998 (11 years ago)
Nasty!!! But cool!! Firstly i don't wanna look but afterwards i dared.. Greetzz Sabrina
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