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Blaze264 (11 years ago)
Can we all just get along?
justin0395 (11 years ago)
commoneagle just shut the fuck up dick head who cares if he just ate his friends lunch mabye he was hungry? mabye he was gona get him another one? u fucking dick head i think we should kill people like u and i think u should burn in hell yes burn in hell so just to let u know dont be an asshole
commoneagle (11 years ago)
now how does this work i thought is was responding to a comment about my coment??? who agress what should happen to theives.. whose best friend steals their meal??? is that a friend... no i think it is a theif nothing more.. damn i'd be pissed there is no real excuse for such behavior as do theives perpetrate.... they are the lowest form of creation.... that is a thief... don't steal..... anything just don't do it. simple as that... ok now got to revision if he was starving and needed nutritioni real bad i wouldn't have a problem I'd likely see that he got more if he needed it but your freind taking your shit... that is really bad.
commoneagle (11 years ago)
JUST KINDDNG CAN'T YOU TELL SORRY I'LL REFRAIN i didnt' know there were fagile peole who can't tell a joke.. even though it is a pretty low manuver to steal a meal... humm now let me think.. steeling is evil and should not be tollerated in any way shape or form hmmm maybe i am evil i think he got what ihe deserved.. don't steal just that simple.... i hate thieves is it evil to hate them??? thieves are evil sorry you almost made me think i was wrong but i am not. don't steal period... it will come back to haunt you..... liars are in the same boat.. kill them all let god sort them out.... i can't help it that is wht way i feel after trusting a person whom i though i could my bills are do and does he even care... evil i best not see him again without money or i may go to jail for murder... dosn't that suck... no worries bout that he won't show his face with out cash in hand guaranteed he knows i would be VERY ANGRY like the little dude on bugs bunny says..... anyway if you read this far hear this another note.....just venting becuause it helps.... wouldn't hurt a fly only a thief which is lower on the evolutionary scale when it boils right down to it i am a passsafist ..yep pass a fist get it.... not a murder but black eyes different story... so much for responding to that responce to my coment. ps did not edit not worht the time mistakes abound...
Roper (11 years ago)
startin to think commoneagle is just as evil as i muahahahaha
commoneagle (11 years ago)
if indeed he done the deed of eating his sub without any mercy he deserves no mercy... yep it is a bit stiff of a penalty but i belive thieves and liars are the worst peicesofcrap on earth.... yep death is not too bad for a theif... or like they do in some places cut the hand or fingers off thieves even petty thieves are suck but pecker headed weezle tited low life miserable worthless..... well..... thieves... yep just as bad as a liar... he stole his meal like a thief thus nuff said
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