How NOT to Feed a Poisonous Snake

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bigsteaks (8 years ago)
100% correct "coldblooded" u commented just what i was going to and more
ColdBlooded (8 years ago)
OK First off snakes are not POISONOUS, some species are VENOMOUS. Poison is ingested, Venom is injected.

Second that snake is a Ball Python (Python regius). Pythons do not have venom, they grab onto and constrict their prey.

Third, what kind of stupid does it take for someone to feed their snake on their stomach? When feeding a snake it should be fed either in it's enclosure or in a feeding bin.

*sigh* some people's children *shakes head*
ShapedByFate (10 years ago)
Jesus that is sick!!! My chap has 2 snakes and u never F*ck about with snakes at feeding time....tut tut Boys!!
Roper (11 years ago)
last time i looked ball pythons were not poisonous lovely how ppl think these things are toys tho.
jirstan2 (11 years ago)
Yeah, not venomous.
thing1954 (11 years ago)
I don't think it is poisonous-a boa maybe
commoneagle (11 years ago)
all that can be said is idiot
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